I am someone who loves to design and code beautiul things

Getting to know me

I love the fact that a tiny piece of technology can make changes that can blow you away , I've been working with computers in various fields including Development, Designing, Video Editing, VFX, Audio Editing, Machine Learning and Lots of other cool stuff. I love to work on anything that has to do with Software Development.

Front End Dev/Designer

I love Symmetric and Minimal Designs and a Huge Gradient Fan

What I do

Logos, Posters, UI/UX, Websites,
Web Design..

What i Work With :

  • Html/Css
  • BootStrap/Bulma
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Pen & Paper
  • Adobe Xd

Software Developer

I love Programming , Specifically Web Development and Machine Learning ( Better yet both together )

Languages I speak:

Python, Java, Octave, Javascript

Softwares/Frameworks/Libraries I work with:

  • Django
  • Mysql/Postgre
  • Android Native
  • Tensorflow/Scikit-Learn
  • GameMaker Studio
  • Arduino/Embedded
  • Linux/Bash
  • Git


I love Helping Others and Sharing technology with my peers

Volunteer Positions Held:

Regional Student
Ambassador to IEEE CS


Technical Coordinator

Devcom Student Club Lead

Notable Projects:

  • Keralarescue.in
  • CSIS 2018
  • Robothon by IEEE SB CEC